1. My full name is Joshua Stephen Zamrycki.
  2. I’m an Aquarius.
  3. I am from Long Beach, NY.
  4. My eyes are brown with these little dark discolorations sprinkled within.
  5. All four of my grandparents are Polish.
  6. Boxer briefs.
  7. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a corporate lawyer for Disney, live in LA, and drive a Porsche.
  8. I am an actor.
  9. I live in Barcelona.
  10. I had a trusty Mongoose mountain bike for many years, but I left it locked up for too long in the lobby of my building and someone hack-sawed it to pieces.
  11. I was raised on Classic Rock by my father.
  12. I stay up way too late.
  13. I love to play volleyball – both beach and indoor.
  14. I started losing my hair when I was 24. I didn’t realize until a year later when I saw photos from the year before. That sucked.
  15. I started playing the piano when I was 5 but quit taking lessons because my mom says that I was learning too fast for my teacher.
  16. I have a facility for languages.
  17. I am Jewish.
  18. Yet I am an atheist.
  19. I married Janet Clayton on July 24, 2005. It was the most beautiful day of my life.
  20. Our daughter, Emily Zamrycki, was born on September 6, 2006 giving new meaning to my life.
  21. Our son, Sebastian Zamrycki, was born on February 15, 2009 (the day before my birthday) and his tiny body, beside the towering 2.5 year-old Emily, reminded me how fast time flies and how precious our time together is.
  22. I can quote every line from Better Off Dead and Eddie Murphy’s Delirious.
  23. I should be doing better things with my time.
  24. I graduated from Binghamton University in 1998 with a degree in Mathematics.
  25. I have decent abdominal muscles without trying.
  26. My cat once had kittens on the pillow next to my head while I was sleeping.
  27. Summer and winter alike: I sleep in boxers and a T-shirt.
  28. I spend more money on computing than on clothes.
  29. I designed and coded my first web page in 1996.
  30. I built my first pillow fort in 1979.
  31. I’ve only owned one car in my life (back in my senior year of high school) and it couldn’t go in reverse – parking was always interesting.
  32. I had braces for two years when I was in middle school. It made playing the trumpet a very painful experience.
  33. At birth, I was the only male to be born in my extended family for over 50 years! Sebastian changed all that.
  34. I went to Long Beach High School – the same school as Billy Crystal.
  35. I look down on people who forward email jokes / scams / chain letters.
  36. On the bottom.
  37. When I was younger, I never met a tree I didn’t try to climb.
  38. I miss Little League.
  39. I was the high school senior class treasurer.
  40. My only diagnosed allergy: dust mites.
  41. I’ve never been in a relationship that lasted for less than 8 months.
  42. My BMI is statistically normal.
  43. I have weighed (more or less) the same since I was in high school.
  44. I have two younger sisters: Amanda and Rebecca.
  45. Sometimes I cry very easily at movies – but only if I’m in the right mood.
  46. I wish I could get pregnant.
  47. My favorite holiday is Passover.
  48. I don’t particularly like beer.
  49. I like musicals.
  50. I recognize the fact that I am a very bad singer.
  51. I’m afraid of heights.
  52. I used to fear turning into my father. Now I accept it. Conditionally.
  53. I moved to Spain in 1998 (right after college) and believe it to be the best decision I have ever made in my life.
  54. I haven’t worn a watch since 1996.
  55. Some people used to think I looked like the cartoon character Doug Funny.
  56. I need to live near the water. It just feels healthier.
  57. My name would have been Jennie if I was born a girl.
  58. I am a channel surfer.
  59. I have been to 19 countries on this great planet of ours: Andorra, Belgium, Belize, Canada, England, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, the United States, and Wales.
  60. I don’t believe in ghosts.
  61. Never been arrested.
  62. I brush my teeth every single night and have trouble justifying brushing them again just 6 hours later when I wake up. But I’m getting better.
  63. The first bone I ever broke was my little toe while playing beach volleyball.
  64. I give excellent massages.
  65. I am frugal.
  66. I love snowboarding. I have no fear.
  67. I enjoy doing counted cross-stitch.
  68. I can happily spend hours in Ikea without buying anything.
  69. When my head is shaved, I cut my own hair at least once every two weeks. Otherwise I let a trusted hairdresser trim it once a month.
  70. I love chess.
  71. I don’t read enough.
  72. In high school, I was voted “Most School Spirit”.
  73. The first CD I ever owned was Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits (a double album!).
  74. I always felt sorry for Michael Jackson.
  75. The first movie I can remember seeing in the theatre was The Empire Strikes Back in 1980. I was four.
  76. I enjoy the Marx Brothers.
  77. I can touch my nose with my tongue.
  78. I lost my virginity when I was 17.
  79. I joined the fencing team at college but got bored after one semester.
  80. I am a registered Democrat but unapologetically vote with my beliefs and my conscious, regardless of party.
  81. I think I would make a very good thief or assassin.
  82. My favorite fruit is the orange.
  83. I prefer cooking to doing the dishes.
  84. I would never get a tattoo.
  85. I am passionate about spreadsheets.
  86. I have a very good sense of direction.
  87. I have little patience for stupid people.
  88. Anything I do in the bathroom usually takes me twice as long as anyone else.
  89. I love playing video games.
  90. I pick my nose when no one’s looking.
  91. I played the trumpet in a ska-jazz band in Barcelona for 2 years.
  92. Coffee makes me jittery. I shouldn’t drink it.
  93. I have a boney butt.
  94. My favorite computer game of all-time is Grand Theft Auto.
  95. I’m a boob man.
  96. I still watch cartoons.
  97. Now I get paid to do voices for cartoons.
  98. I like to dip my chocolate in my peanut butter.
  99. A director of mine once broke my nose while trying to teach another actor how to throw a “stage punch”.
  100. I’m an overachiever 🙂
  101. I have never punched anyone in the face – but I sometimes think about it.
  102. My shoe size is 10 1/2 in the US and 44 in Spain.
  103. I’m happy with my life.