Three Months

Happy three month birthday, Emily.

So what has she accomplished this past month? Well, we all know that she discovered the existence of her right fist and could sometimes (with much concentration) insert said fist into her mouth. Now, not only has she realized that her hands come in pairs, but she quickly learned how to clasp these hands in front of her. And twiddle her thumbs. And play “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Kinda. She has also greatly improved her aim when inserting both hands in her mouth (not at the same time) and now enjoys an 80% success rate. Also, we now have more hand shape options. One month ago today, Emily was only able to take advantage of two-thirds of a Rock Paper Scissor game. It was fairly easy to beat her back then. Well, we now have scissors. And those “scissors” can usually be found in her mouth – accompanied by a loud sucking noise. And along with the scissors has come some genuine scissor action. Yes, Houston, we have grabbing. Grabbing and holding. But nothing heavier than Mr. Hoppity’s ears. Plus, in addition to the winning smile, we have had reports of the occasional giggle.

To celebrate this joyous day, I’ve uploaded a new set of glamor photos to my Photo Page. They highlight Emily’s second and third months of life. I think I’ll upload another album after her sixth month and then some more after her ninth and twelfth. That’s the plan, at least.

Yo ho ho

4 thoughts on “Three Months

  1. i have a veritable flip book of emily photos posted outside my cube at work and these new photos came just as people were asking me for updates – strangers are in love with emily!

    i believe the crowd favorites are the prayer photo and the santa hat. someone suggested you use them in your holiday cards.

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