Back From Christmas

Just got back from Dear Old Blighty and am very much looking forward to the upcoming stationary week and a half. There is a travel moratorium on until young Wolfgang finds his sea legs and we win the lottery ($2500+ in airfare to the US is not my idea of an easily repeatable family vacation!).

England was wonderful, as always. We were treated to hearty English meals and uninterrupted mornings in bed thanks to grandparent-like babysitters. Or babysitter-like grandparents. Either way, it was much appreciated. Our time in the US was very much the same, but that write-up has not yet been written.

England: lots of family. Lots of Christmas cheer. Lots of Christmas presents. Lots of playing with the aforementioned presents (by guess who). Lots of pussy cat abuse (not by me!). Lots of quiet evenings at home. We were even able to combine the trip with a lovely evening celebrating a dear friend’s 40th birthday, at which event Jan contracted a particularly nasty case of food poisoning, violently vomited for upwards of three straight hours, was visited by two rather chipper paramedics at 2am, and generally thought she would die. But the meal itself really was lovely and the company, divine. Damn you, foul prawns!

I am very much looking forward to reviewing the photographic memories created over the course of these past seven days. After a quick review, I see that no less than 188 photos were taken. After further review, I see that Emily must have taken at least half of them unbeknownst to me since most of them look like this:

In addition to the album of my timeless photos poignantly capturing the spirit of each celebratory moment, I promise to upload a separate album of Emily’s greatest hits. It’s rather amazing, though, that she has discovered how to locate my camera, turn it on, and take a series of avant-guard photographs. She has also figured out how to review the photos she’s taken and can even play any videos she finds on the camera. I am left dumbstruck at her ingenuity. Many of her recent accomplishments have totally bowled me over but that, yet again, is the subject of another entry.

I hope your holidays are/were joyous. Christmas has come and gone but Chanukah is with us for one more night. May your shamus stand tall and proud! And may your New Years, Kwanzaa, and Kings Day celebrations be bountiful. I leave you with our little cherub, counting and preparing this year’s Christmas cards:

Why do they make those envelopes so hard to stuff?

2 thoughts on “Back From Christmas

  1. I’m glad you found a way to write about the food poisoning, it was beyond me!

    Lovely to see you both as always! xxx

    PS. I hope Wolfgang doesn’t turn into one of those joke names that everyone gets used to and just sticks!

  2. She is so funny! I loved the *futz with envelope, gets frustrated with stupid envelope, hands envelope to mum* “this is for you.”

    And hoping the snow man was holding a bunny rabbit? lol

    Hope you had a happy hanukkah, a merry christmas, and will have a healthy new year!

    ps- we only called Paul “flicker” until he was about 2 months old. Now I call him “punkin belly”, “baby boy”, and “fer heaven’s sake what the frak are you doing?”

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