Josh’s 2013 Birthday Lipdub

I am planning a birthday party for myself. We’ll be celebrating on Sunday, February 17th (my birthday is actually on the 16th). Well, it won’t be a party, per se. It will be more like a music video. A lipdub, to be precise.

Yes, another one! We did the same thing a couple of years ago. People seemed to like it. So I thought we’d do it again.

What is a lipdub? Don’t ask me, ask Wikipedia.

Here’s a simple example (and one of my favorites). And the behind the scenes.
Here’s another good example. And it’s own making of.
This is how Catalunya (Vic) does it.
And how about this for a memorable event?
If you really want to get creative, you can do ambitious stuff like this.

If you want more, there are a whole bunch more here. Or here!

Oh yeah, and here’s the one we made two years ago for my 35th birthday:

After all those links, you must be really stoked about the idea. Or totally sick of it. Come on, indulge me – it’s my birthday, goddammit! Here’s where we go from here:

In every good lipdub, you need to decide on a good song and a good location. The song should be fairly well known, have fun lyrics to sing, and really make you wanna get up and dance. If there isn’t already a lipdub out there of the song, that’s a bonus. The location should have character, allow for a fairly long route, and maybe have a few hidden nooks and crannies to explore. So step one is up to you all.

Send me your ideas! Either by commenting on this blog post, or via email, or… whatever. Just send me your proposals for both a song and a place. I will compile the ideas and, in a few days, I’ll create an online poll where we can all vote for the best ideas. On Sunday, February 17, I will perform the lipdub of the winning song at the winning location with a close group of friends.

I imagine the actual day of the event will go something like this:
– rehearse (and schmooze and drink)
– eat a fine lunch
– shoot the video

Oh, and even though it’s my birthday, I don’t want the video to be a “birthday lipdub”. I’m just using the occasion as an excuse to create something I hope my friends will enjoy being part of.

Happy birthday to me.

12 thoughts on “Josh’s 2013 Birthday Lipdub

  1. JOGH! That video of yours made me laugh! Looks stupendously FUN!!!!
    We’re having our Vday party on the 16th and if I’m standing the next day, you can count me in to lipdub for your bday 😀

    I’m not a great rapper, but will try my best rap hand movements if we’re going for bestie boys!

    1. The Labyrinth Park is a great idea. I looked into it the last time we did this. It’s semi-privately owned so I had to file papers for filming permission, which were very easy to get. But in the end I felt like the tranquility of the botanical gardens there would be disrupted too much by drunk foreigners screeching off key and at the top of their lungs. Still a possibility, though!

  2. I suggest one of the ultimate feel-good songs “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. The lyrics have loads of potential for fun interpretation too, with references to “Lady Godiva”, rocket ships, racing cars, tiger, supersonic men and women, giving someone a call, and sex machines! Starts slow and then keeps up a great tempo throughout. Perhaps you could get some skating in there if anyone’s up for it? Personally I think the port and beach do have enough landmarks, you’ve got the giant golden fish, hotel Arts, flash yachts…

  3. That is just the best Saturday morning tonic!! I’m in stitches here…I definitely want in! Thinking cap is on for ideas!

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