Preparing for Santa

This is Emily’s fourth Christmas but it is definitely the first one that is infused with the magic of the holiday. She is finally old enough to grasp the whole (commercial and secular) concept and, as a result, is so incredibly excited. The thrill of seeing snow falling. The pleasure of watching twinkling lights. The excitement of exploring the packages under the tree. The anticipation of Christmas Eve, waiting on something magical to happen. There is nothing cuter.

Speaking of cute, I should also take this opportunity to note that Emily has finally agreed to start pooing in the toilet!! She has been potty-trained for well over a year now but pooing has always been a traumatic experience. No more! Locking her in the bathroom until she complied was maybe not the subtlest way of handling the situation, but subsequent incidents have involved a lot less screaming now that bribery has been introduced into the equation. Let’s just say that Santa should be bringing an extra “poo present” tonight for a certain little big girl.

This is only Sebastian’s first Christmas but he, too, has taken the opportunity to level-up. As we have observed with Emily a few times each year, Sebastian’s brain experienced a major developmental breakthrough last night. Starting at around 4am last night. Why do they always have to happen at night?! As a result, not only has he been walking and exploring all over the place today, but he is noticeably much more interactive and aware of people around him. That’s always nice.

Here are a few videos filmed today. Christmas Eve in England and Emily is preparing for Santa’s arrival at Grandma and Granddad’s house.

We all know that Father Christmas enjoys a nice mince pie,
but did you know he also likes carrots? Or are those for his reindeer?

First he goes clippity-clop clippity-clop, then
he says… uh, something about a house. I think.

If you get Father Christmas a cup of water,
he’ll exclaim, “Ay, that’s yummy!” Who knew?

6 thoughts on “Preparing for Santa

  1. I’m so jealous that Emily gets to experience the magic of Santa and Christmas.
    Merry Christmas to my cousins on the opposite side of the world!

  2. Just AWESOME, and man is she smart…get some videos of the morning!!! I love how you guys dress her too…is that mummy’s or daddy’s sense of style…
    Watched Paintball last night by the way, with a couple of friends…they really got into it and seemed really disgusted at us treating you so bad…LOL…I can’t forget the day of the opening when… See More my boyfriend came out of the film deeply touched about your scenes and how you were the character he felt most for…bastard Josh. Glad we got rid of you.

    Also glad you’re having such a gorgeous xmas.
    Loads of love.

  3. oohhh!!! so sweet! Hope she got nice presents this morning! Marina woke me up at half five in the morning… never again!!! take care, see you sometime back in Barcelona

  4. You nearly blew it when you drew her attention to the fact that Santa’s dimensions and the chiminey’s didn’t quite add up. You could see the seeds of doubt being sown there!

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