Sebastian’s 22-month Communication Breakdown

I had no intention of compiling another one of these lexicographical development-tracking charts until he turns two in February, but Sebastian has been adding words to his vocabulary at an alarming speed since the last update (just a month ago!) and I was afraid of the copious updates needed if I were to wait just another month and a half. There’s something about a holiday to an unknown place that starts all sorts of synapses firing in a kid’s brain, and we’ve just come back from almost an entire month away in both Florida and England! I mean, just watch this video and then try to tell me that this kid is not ready to join a speech and debate team:

See what I mean! But seriously folks, even though the above video does little to prove my claims, the kid has finally started to talk. I didn’t think it was ever going to happen. But he’s actually stringing two words together! And when he’s not pointing and labeling exciting objects in the newfound world around him, Sebastian is just rabbiting on ad nauseam in his own little toddler gibberish. It’s really very cute. So, without further ado, I present you with this most astonishing update.

Sebastian’s Communication Breakdown

  • again
  • airplane – this was inevitable with all of the flying we’ve been doing recently.
  • baa (sheep noise)
  • backpack
  • ball
  • balloon
  • bear – add another animal to the list.
  • bed – sleepy kids ask for it by name.
  • big – not only the word, but he’s also apparently grasped the concept, adding it before other nouns. Very impressive.
  • bike
  • bird
  • blue – his first color.
  • boat
  • book
  • broke – we’re starting to hear this more and more.
  • bubble
  • buk buk buk (chicken noise) – so gentle. So lovely.
  • bye
  • caca – he knows to say it once we’ve already discovered it, but he has yet to inform us of its impending arrival.
  • car
  • cat – he finds this one very exciting.
  • cave – for when he wants to hide under the covers. Fun!
  • cheese
  • choo-choo – it’s what a train says.
  • circle – sounds like “kirkle.” Very cute.
  • cookie
  • cupcake
  • daddy
  • dog
  • door – just added this week and he hasn’t stopped saying it to every door we meet.
  • duck
  • eye
  • flower
  • football – what can I say?
  • goal!
  • heart – he’s surprisingly good with his shapes.
  • hello
  • hot
  • hooray – it’s a celebration!
  • key – time to unlock the door!
  • mama
  • meow (cat noise) – the newest animal noise. We’re very proud.
  • moo (cow noise) – sounds like “boo.”
  • moon – loves stargazing.
  • pasta
  • Peppa Pig
  • ppbbbttt (elephant noise)
  • quack-quack (duck noise)
  • ready, steady, go! – usually comes out as “ready, ready, go!”
  • roar (lion or tiger or dinosaur noise)
  • rocket – he’s really getting into the Little Einsteins. He even tries to sing along with the theme song!
  • shoe – like a dog, he will bring me my shoes and say this when he wants to go outside.
  • sock – kinda sounds like “stuck,” which kinda sounds like “duck.”
  • ssss (snake noise)
  • star – sounds like “ar” but we know what he means.
  • sticker – he discovered stickers on the flight to Florida and they successfully kept him entertained for hours on end. Thank you, stickers.
  • stuck
  • thank you – we have a very polite little boy.
  • there – he’ll tell you where it’s at.
  • there you go
  • tickle – first he says it, then he does it!
  • train – possibly more popular than cars now.
  • tree – and he’s right. It’s a tree!
  • turtle – kinda sounds like this.
  • tunnel – kinda sounds like this.
  • uh-oh
  • up
  • wet
  • woof (dog noise) – sounds like “woo.”
  • you’re welcome – automatic response after “thank you”. Let’s hope this one sticks.

red words are new since last update

2 thoughts on “Sebastian’s 22-month Communication Breakdown

  1. I keep thinking of new words that I’ve missed and adding them. Since the original post, I’ve added broke, caca, cave, hooray, key, rocket, and tickle! When will it stop???

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