The Drama Begins

I just got home from the first day of auditions for our new show. It’s a musical. Producing a musical is like producing three straight plays. I’m tired already just thinking about it.

But auditions went really well! Julian (my Musical Director) and I auditioned 31 people today. That’s a lot. And there are more to see tomorrow. It’s amazing how so many talented people can exist in Barcelona without ever knowing that we produce shows in English here. How could they not have heard of us before? It’s like they’re in a parallel dimension. Thank goodness our planes collide every once in a while and I get to meet all sorts of amazing new people.

It was a very long day filled with a capella singing, cold readings, color-coded spreadsheets, yummy cookies, broken toilets, parking tickets, and bag snatchings, and I left the casting as white as a sheet, suffering terribly from low blood sugar, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and information overload. We’re in for a very good show. Watch this space for more details…

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