Ice Bucket Challenge

Looking back on 2014, there were a number of projects that I was proud of. But one that I feel the need to document here on the ole’ blog for posterity (before it disappears from my short-term memory) is our Ice Bucket Challenge video.

Everybody and their brother was doing it. Most had no idea why they were doing it. I was happy that my geography put me off most friends’ and family’s radar so I had escaped being challenged for the longest time. Long enough to watch everyone(!) else in the world post a video of themselves dumping a bucket of water on their heads. Long enough to start thinking about what I would do if I were to make a similar video. I secretly hoped someone would challenge me. Of course I did! We’re all attention whores.

It took an online friend from Greece (thanks, CK!) to finally tap me on the shoulder. I had 24 hours to make the video. No time to waste.

I knew I wanted to involve the kids. I’m always wanting to create video projects with them but we never seem to get around to it. This was the perfect excuse. I started brainstorming with Emily and scripting rough drafts. Yes, it was meticulously scripted. She enjoyed the planning stages, but balked when it came time to perform. Some paralyzing terror took hold of her and she convinced herself that she didn’t want to participate. She got really upset. But I needed her. And I wasn’t about to let her work herself into a tizzy for no reason. She has a bad tendency to do that. I try to get her to put it all in perspective. This was one of those times. And I did. And she did. And it was great.

We packed our costumes and props in a bag and walked to the nearby Parc de les Aig├╝es (an appropriate place to dump a bucket of water), picking up a bag of ice on the way. We found a secluded corner of the park and did a few dry(!) runs. Emily was having trouble memorizing her lines – especially CK’s full name – and Sebastian was having trouble staying still and waiting for his cue to enter. But it got better and better with each subsequent rehearsal and we finally recorded a couple of rehearsals when it looked like we were almost ready. There was only one chance to film the good one. I wasn’t about to change clothes and try again if it didn’t come out right. But we nailed it. And everyone had a good time.

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